About Us

Our Story!

We do believe ONE community, ONE family and, One beautiful world. Around us, there are plenty of things that we yet to explore — beautiful places, people with many talents, mouthwatering foods, and many more adventures. We started our journey to find those hidden, amazing people and services around us. This journey was the motive we gave birth to this portal, CeylonPages!

Our Motto!

Tasteful moments

Cheerful surroundings 

Humble gestures 

Our Vision

We want to create a platform to discover communities, restaurants, shops, houses, and many more services to enhance your beautiful life with our community. 

Our Mission

Spread the love and build a better life for the community with our people. We know the happiness of being together with the people we love. 

Our Values

Our values are our commitments that we use to define our hard work to deliver the best outcome to our community.

Our Commitment

We work with passion, enthusiasm, and efficiency to provide the best services to our people and the community. Our commitment is to build a better community and create opportunities.


We learn every day as you are. We incorporate technology as a means to better connect the world around us. We try to link all the fantastic things in one place.


We are responsible and solutionfocused, and we want to provide a onestop-hub for all your needs. Our goal is to grow CeylonPages throughout the world and connect our people. 

Continuous improvement

We research every day about the community needs and update our hub up to date. We would continuously work hard to bring the best experience through constant development and learning.